Both of my children love to color. It’s one of our favorite pastimes but some of the crayons don’t have very vibrant colors. Even when I make my own crayons from recycling the broken ones, the colors are dull. Come to find out this is related to the wax the crayon uses. Stockmar wax crayons use pure bees wax, which gives the colors a rich and bright color. The pigments can be displayed when using pure bees wax as an ingredient. Not something most companies use because they aren’t thinking brilliance, art or the environment but rather how to make the crayons cheap.

I love our new Stockmar Wax Crayons from Natural Pod and do my children. They’re easy to hold because of the chunky size and the colors make for some beautiful pictures to add to my collection. They’re non-toxic bees wax crayons with a wonderful smell. Watch my children enjoying coloring with their new crayons:

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