Summertime Strawberry and Berry Jam

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Oh summer- how we have waited for you in northern Michigan! I am so glad you are here! Berry season is in full swing and I am right in the middle of it. Strawberries picked (thanks for coming with Karl and Joanne!), cleaned, and frozen in 5 cup vacuumed sealed bags for the winter. Raspberries will be making an appearance this week into my kitchen this week and are much needed (our 2nd freezer decided to have a ‘melt down’ on its own and I have 3 cups of blackberries that need a partner for pie!). Blueberries are sure to follow and then of course the ‘pain in the butt’ blackberries!

With all this berry talk I figured I would address a few fun facts about berries.

1) 4-6 cups (in my opinion) is the perfect amount to freeze. I find that most pie/jam recipes call for this amount. For pies I always add just a bit more than what it calls for.

2) Follow your jam/jelly recipes closely! I do not double or triple batches; I find they do not set well.

3) You usually have to add A LOT of sugar for pie and jam recipes- look into other things you can make like fruit roll ups (next article), adding honey or agave instead of sugar.

Good luck! Don’t be afraid to share any recipes that are delicious!

Below are a few Ball Blue Book recipes:

Mixed Berry Jam

Strawberry Freezer Jam

Need a helping hand?? Try the  Automatic Jam and Jelly Maker, genius!

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