Oh summer- how we have waited for you in northern Michigan! I am so glad you are here! Berry season is in full swing and I am right in the middle of it. Strawberries picked (thanks for coming with Karl and Joanne!), cleaned, and frozen in 5 cup vacuumed sealed bags for the winter. Raspberries will be making an appearance this week into my kitchen this week and are much needed (our 2nd freezer decided to have a ‘melt down’ on its own and I have 3 cups of blackberries that need a partner for pie!). Blueberries are sure to follow and then of course the ‘pain in the butt’ blackberries!

With all this berry talk I figured I would address a few fun facts about berries.

1) 4-6 cups (in my opinion) is the perfect amount to freeze. I find that most pie/jam recipes call for this amount. For pies I always add just a bit more than what it calls for.

2) Follow your jam/jelly recipes closely! I do not double or triple batches; I find they do not set well.

3) You usually have to add A LOT of sugar for pie and jam recipes- look into other things you can make like fruit roll ups (next article), adding honey or agave instead of sugar.

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Good luck! Don’t be afraid to share any recipes that are delicious!

Below are a few Ball Blue Book recipes:

Mixed Berry Jam

Strawberry Freezer Jam

Need a helping hand?? Try the  Automatic Jam and Jelly Maker, genius!

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