Thrift Store Finds and Lessons Learned

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If you like to hit the thrift stores like I do you’ll appreciate finding a bargain or an item that seems like junk to someone else but to you, it is more than a treasure. It brings back childhood memories and makes you want to call your cousin and talk for hours about the one time you had a slumber party and stayed up all night and ate all of grandma’s jelly beans until they were gone! It has you tagging family members on Facebook and going through old photos until the wee hour of the morning.

This was me over my thrift store haul the other day! My grandmother used to have one of these Mason jar vending machines – no coins needed. She would fill it with seasonal candy like jelly beans or peanuts and candy corn. We used to love this thing and now I have one and my kids love it! Only $5.00 and worth every penny!

Ordinarily my thrift store finds are related to selling on eBay. I like to find items for $1.50 that sell for oh, $50 plus dollars on eBay. It’s a nice profit and who couldn’t use the extra money.  These Remington curlers are a perfect example of this and you wonder why they sell like hot cakes on eBay?  I wouldn’t have every thought this but pageant competitors love the tight curls. It’s true! Thanks to Tristan O’Brien for this tip. Check out his eBay eBook for other great tips for selling on eBay, you won’t be disappointed!

Thrift store shopping has taught me the value of selling my items on Facebook over donating my items, giving them away or taking them to a consignment shop. I can sell on eBay and get more for my items or sell the item on eBay and donate the funds to a charity or non-profit of my choice.  Take children’s clothing for example. Usually at a garage sale the items sell for a quarter or maybe a dollar but on eBay selling my daughter’s 4T items in a “lot” of similar items that are all cleaned and seasonal  together I can make more money. Tech Savvy Mommy has a great post about selling children’s clothing on eBay, well worth checking out! I also score buying lots on girls and boys clothing on eBay, it’s how I prepared for our Disney Cruise this last winter!

If thrift store shopping isn’t for you or your skeptical about selling on eBay here are 3 great posts that will help you become an excellent thrift store shopper and eBay power seller or buyer:

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Disclosure: I am an eBay Parent Panel member and I am compensated for my time. My opinions and experience are my own.


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